Almara soap -Sweet coffee scrub

The coffee scrub contains organic quality ingredients and is packaged in an eco-friendly glass jar with a metal lid. Once the scrub is finished, you can reuse it as a zero waste container!

The scrub helps remove dead skin cells, stimulates blood flow and cleans pores. Leaves skin smooth after use. It has been formulated with organic ground coffee, organic cane sugar and is enriched with organic shea butter and almond and sunflower oils. It glides well on skin that remains oily even after rinsing, so there is no need to use lotion or body oil after use.

The scrub does not contain any perfume, it smells like freshly ground coffee - it leaves this scent on the skin for a long time. Thanks to the oils it is particularly suitable for dry and mature skin and also for face peeling. It is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Now in a larger package but at the same price!

Content: 110 g

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